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Learn Adjectives with examples | Types of adjectives

Definition of adjective.

An adjective is a word that qualifies a noun or a pronoun. Adjectives are usually come before nouns. Words like beautiful, good are descriptive words. These word describe the other words. These words are called adjectives.


  1. Maria is a beautiful girl.
  2. He is a good student.
  3. She is a intelligent woman.
  4. The boy is smart.

In the given sentences, the italic words are adjectives. Words – ”beautiful, good, intelligent, smart” are adjectives in the given sentences.These words- beautiful, good, intelligent, smart are qualify the girl,student, woman, boy in the given sentences.

Uses of adjectives

(1) Attributive-

An adjective is said to be used attributively when the adjective is comes close to and before the noun.


  • A red ball.
  • An intelligent boy.
  • A tall man.
  • Long hair.

(2) Predicative-

Adjective is said to be used predicatively when adjective expresses what is declared of some things or person, and come after the verbs.


  • The girl is tall.
  • The colour of my house is pink.
  • The hair of my sister is black.
  • My bike is fast.

Types of adjectives

Possessive Adjectives

Possessive adjectives are used indicate possession. ” My, our, your, his, her, its, their” are possessive adjectives


  • He is my brother.
  • It is my pen.
  • This is his book.
  • I like her painting.

Proper Adjectives

Proper adjective are derived from proper nouns. Like Indian(adjective) is derived from India(noun) and American(adjective) derived from America(noun).


  • Indians love to eat spicy food.

Quantitative Adjectives

Quantitative adjectives describe quantity. Words many, whole, little, lots of, a lot of, much, some, etc are quantitative adjectives.


  • My mother bought some vegetables.
  • I eat many things in the party yesterday.
  • She has lots of books.
  • I have much money to buy this bike.

Qualitative Adjectives

Qualitative adjectives describe the quality. Words like honest, long, short, tall, good, bad, smart , handsome, small etc are quantitative words.


  • She is very beautiful woman.
  • The handwriting of my friend is bad.
  • My father is a honest man.
  • His house is big.

Demonstrative Adjectives

This, that, these, those are demonstrative adjectives. We use these words to describe the nouns.


  • This book which is on the table is mine.
  • That bike is my favourite.
  • I want to buy these chocolates.
  • Those fruits in the kitchen is mine.

Numeral Adjectives

There are two types of numeral adjectives- (1) Definite adjective (2) Indefinite adjective

(1) Definite adjectives – There are three types of definite adjectives

(1) Cardinal- one, two, three, four, five etc.

(2) Ordinal- first, second, third, forth, fifth etc.

(3) Multiplicative- single, double, triple etc


  • I have one car.
  • I can not forget my first boyfriend.
  • There are four double rooms in my house.

The order of definite adjectives- Ordinal + cardinal + multiplicative


The first five double rooms of my hostel.

(2) Indefinite adjectives– Many, various, several, a great deal of, some, enough, etc are indefinite adjectives.


  • I have some cookies.
  • she has read many books till now.
  • I do not have enough money to buy this car.
  • Many second year students are here.

Interrogative Adjectives

Which, what, whose are interrogative adjectives. These words are used to ask questions.


  • Whose car is this ?
  • Which bike is yours?
  • What time will we go to watch movie?
  • Which place do you want to visit?

Emphasizing Adjectives

Own and very are emphasizing adjectives. These words are used to emphasize nouns.


  • This is my own bike.
  • It is the very(same) book that I wanted to read.

Exclamatory Adjectives

Exclamatory adjectives are used to express feelings, emotions. What, how are question words but these words are also used to show emotions.


  • What a beautiful picture it is!
  • How fast he eats!
  • What an ugly dog!
  • What a cute cat!

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